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Health Care Assistant (HCA) & Community Treatment And Care (CTACT) Clinics

Health Care Assistant/CTAC Nurse Lesley Lumsden and CTAC Nurse Antonia Cree (Toni), can carry out a wide range of tests and screening in support to our Clinical Team.

Our Clinicians may request you make an appointment with the HCAs for the following assessments:

Breath TestsECGSpirometry (with and without Reversibility)
Blood Pressure ChecksEar ChecksStitch and Clip Removal
VenepunctureSimple Dressings B12 injections
Administering of Flu Vaccine (over 16 only and if they have already had previously).

You can find information on some of the above tests carried out by our Health Care Assistant and CTAC Nurse at the bottom of this page.

They also carry out the following assessments:

New Patient AssessmentsLow Risk Diabetic Foot Checks 
And can provide lifestyle advice on the following 
Smoking CessationAlcohol Intervention


Spirometry is a test that measures lung function. If you have problems with your breathing or have symptoms that are associated with breathing problems spirometry testing can help your doctor or nurse find the cause of your breathing problems or symptoms.

Preparing for Spirometry

Breath Test

Your doctor may request this test if it is suspected that you are suffering from syptoms caused by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori. This bacteria can cause stomach upsets and getting rid of it can dramatrically improve any symptoms you may have been suffering from.

Breath Test

Glucose Tolerance Test

Your doctor may request a glucose tolerance test to investigate how well your body deals with sugar and this test is used to investage whether you might be diabetic.

Glucose Tolerance Test